15 times comedians joked about musicians in remain true pt.2

Sean Patton – Korn

In his Comedy Central set, comedian Sean Patton shares the craziest areas of his medical technology brother’s day-to-day task. He explained the fact that is little-known surgeons often tune in to music when you look at the working space. Rather than the soothing sounds of traditional music or Ed Sheeran, this specific doctor played Korn ’s discography while working. Nü steel might not be every patient’s very first option, however the doctor requires their tunes.

Shane Torres – Nickelback

In this bit, comedian Shane Torres defends the work of cook man Fieri. Torres describes the way we all unfairly make enjoyable of Fieri for their ’90s-esque frosted recommendations despite the fact that he assists schools in need and officiated 101 gay weddings, among other functions of kindness. Just as that individuals usually utilize Fieri being a punchline, Nickelback will also be readily tossed beneath the coach for the good laugh. Read more