Leo Intercourse Astrology: everything you need to understand pt.2

Her Intimate Hangups

Because Leo resents needing to are now living in a guy’s globe, she usually assumes their part when you look at the intercourse work. She is the sort that will wear a dildo and force her lover to flex over she can penetrate him anally before her so. She might even insist he kiss and lick her footwear, her gloved fingers, or her leather-bound breasts. Leo enjoys the flicking of the tongue in her own vagina and desires the pressure and tempo to boost until she reaches orgasm. The woman born under this sign wants the tongue only while some lovers prefer to alternate tongue with finger manipulation.

I’ve heard about circumstances by which a Leo girl insisted that her fan use rubber diapers in order for she could assume the role that is dominant discipline him.

Leo ladies are drawn to extremely young males, that she desires for they are more inclined to offer the blind, unquestioning adoration. Inturn, she’s going to help them learn about intercourse, and virtually cause them to become prisoners of love.

Leo’s Erogenous Area

The rear. Read more