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Hi Maureen, My action child is 6 and contains angelmans. She’s got that which we call “poop parties”. She nevertheless wears diapers as a result of her mother’s incapacity to show patience and use the right time for you to bathroom train. She wears leotards under garments and another piece sleepwear but is going to do almost anything to obtain the nappy. She does not necessarily smear but she digs. We still find it a thing that is sensory her. Because she will eat whatever is in her hands as she is getting older it’s easier for her to remove her pajamas at night and it’s challenging to find things to leave in bed with her. We understand the most sensible thing to accomplish will be lavatory education, that will be a challenge our company is happy to accept regrettably her mama thinks diapers are only much easier. It is difficult to get articles linked to angelmans and so I mostly count on Autisum community forums. We never scold or penalize her since it only appears harsh and would offer no function inside our instance. Read more