Let me make it clear about In Defense of Profiling

Much was written regarding how insulting and depressing it really is, a lot more than a ten years following the activities of 9/11, become met by “security movie movie theater” at our nation’s airports. The system that is current therefore inane that one hopes it is a sham, concealing more-ingenious intrusions into our privacy. The nature of governmental correctness hangs throughout the entire enterprise like the Angel of Death—indeed, more closely than death, or as compared to real anxiety about terrorism. And governmental correctness requires that TSA employees direct the spotlight of the attention at random—or seem to do so—while making rote usage of irrational procedures and technology that is dubious.

Like me should be exempt from scrutiny although I don’t think I look like a jihadi, or like a man pretending not to be one, I do not mean to suggest that a person. But other tourists fit the profile much less than i really do. One look into these innocents reveals that they’re forget about apt to be terrorists than walruses in disguise. Read more