Alabama Senate Contender Had Extramarital Affair, Exchanged Sexts About Anal Enjoy Ex Lover

“I’ve got a lot of texts and I’ve got tracks of their vocals conversing with me personally, and saying reasons for intercourse and just just what we’re planning to do…I’ve got a tee shirt me one night in a hotel room up in Birmingham that he tore off. We had been in the Gadsden Inn that night”

“He might work he’s really racist like he likes black people, but. Real bad racist…(He will say) ‘The colored people. He had been loved by all of the coloreds.’…’And they’re going around thinking all things are allowed to be there’s, and directed at them, and all sorts of this and that…the black individuals ought to be appreciative’” he then wished to begin pornography that is watching and order them at their household. Yeah, i recently thought it absolutely was strange. In which he got angry at me personally, he had been like, ‘I paid fifteen dollars for the. We recorded it one time. I’d this small USB recorder that records things. So when a matter of known fact, I have the one that has Night vision…

“i might take in plenty of wine. Often within the early morning, I would personally state, Did we now have intercourse? In which he ended up being like, ‘Yeah! We had intercourse so often times in the night time. And you also did this and also you did that.’”

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