The main topics whether (and exactly how) to reform education that is legal hot.

* John Kerry happens to be selected to function as Secretary that is next of. We anticipate a tough verification battle where Republicans openly question their courage and integrity under fire… oh, wait, I’m being told that Republicans had been really and truly just lying to all the of us in 2004 by slandering a war hero for governmental gain. [Yahoo! Information]

* The best benefit of the NRA’s strange press seminar ended up being that i gett eventually to go on the Huffington Post and employ the Konami rule in a spot. [HuffPost Live]

* Of course, if individuals might get high, there is less weapon physical violence. [The Volokh Conspiracy]

* And in addition, no one plays Bulletstorm, Mortal Kombat and Slaughterhouse are years old, and no one has also heard about Kindergarten Killer, however it apparently involves a janitor whom removes a college. Grand Theft car is some nutrients though. It is so great, I’m going to venture out and jack some cars, drive into a police cruiser, and then hide out until I lose my desired degree. [Kotaku]

* Richard Epstein on Robert Bork. [Ricochet via Exactly How Appealing]

* you realize what’s unfortunate? The Mayan calendar had been a scientific masterstroke that|masterstroke that is scientific} had been changed into a punchline mostly by people that are resistant to technology. Read more